Exhibits Highlight Western Canada’s Energy and Natural Resource History

Calgary, AB (May 19, 2021) – As Heritage Park opens as a safe, outdoor experience this weekend, visitors will be able to explore the newly revitalized Prospect Ridge area.

Prospect Ridge brings Western Canada’s energy and natural resource stories to life, from the birth of our energy industry, to the natural areas that support an abundant diversity of flora and fauna.
Phase One of this two-part project includes the revitalization of existing historic buildings, the addition of new structures and the return of some exhibits that have been long gone.

Through these immersive exhibits and new programming, Heritage Park can share the stories of the ingenuity and drive of the pioneers of Western Canada’s energy industry as gas, oil and minerals were discovered.
As well, highlight the ongoing commitment to protect our natural resources through environmental stewardship.

Prospect Ridge Exhibits:

Dingman Number 1 Discovery Well
Reproduction of the original 1913 oil derrick built near Black Diamond
Built by: 1st replica built by representatives from Home Oil, Royalite, Husky, National Pete and Shell Oil. Heritage Park staff and contractors built 2nd replica.
Exhibit opened: 1965
Exhibit reopened: 2021

Coal Mine
Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 1964 as an unadorned semi-circular tunnel
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a ‘working’ coal mine

Coal Mine Office
Built by: Fear Brothers c1885 in Banff, Alberta
Exhibit opened: 1964 as a Miner’s Cabin
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a Coal Mine Office

Prospector’s Tent Cabin
Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 2021

Water Wheel
Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit originally opened: 1965 – demolished in 1992
Exhibit reopened: 2021

Park Warden’s Cabin
Built by: Bert Prendergast, 1931 Harvie Heights
Exhibit opened: 1964 as a Trapper’s Cabin
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a Warden’s Patrol Cabin

Narrow Gauge Railway
Built by: Firm of H.K Porter in 1902 and 1909, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Exhibit opened: 1964
Exhibit reopened: 2021

Construction Equipment Barn
Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 1998

Heritage Park acknowledges the Federal Government, Province of Alberta and City of Calgary plus the individuals and corporations who have helped us raise over 8 million dollars to date, allowing us to revitalize this area of the Park and share the stories that are integral to Western Canada. Thank you to Bob and Carole Brawn, and the Brawn Family Foundation for their passion and dedication towards this project and for spearheading the capital campaign that made opening Prospect Ridge a reality.

Heritage Park’s summer season begins on May 22 for outdoor experiences. The Historical Village will be open daily from 10 a.m. – 5p.m. until September 6, then weekends only until Thanksgiving Monday.
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The following link is a message from His Worship, Mayor Naheed Nenshi. https://youtu.be/zf171OZgJoI

About Heritage Park

Heritage Park Historical Village’s mission is connecting people to the settlement of Western Canada. Since 1964, the Park has grown into one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions and one of North America’s largest and most successful living history museums. As a registered charity, Heritage Park Historical Village relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to make our preservation of the past possible.


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