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A Collecting Pause

While we thank you for your interest in giving us your historic treasures, until June of 2025 we are not accepting historical artifacts. We are taking this time to do a full inventory of our collections, to ensure they are used effectively and are well maintained.

Limited Exceptions

In very limited cases, exceptions to the moratorium may be made for items of significant historical importance. If you still wish for your artifacts to be considered, please fill out this form and submit it to Forms will be evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Nanton Livery Stable on Heritage Park

Other Options for Donation

If you wish to support the care of Heritage Park’s historical collections through a monetary donation, please visit our donation page and designate “other” and enter “curatorial” as the specific use.

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Item donations will not be accepted without a prior appointment.


Preserving our Collection

Thank you for your interest in supporting Heritage Park through item donation. As an accredited museum, Heritage Park has a stewardship role in preserving our historical assets that include our collection of more than 55,000 objects. The collection is largely made up of items donated by people like you and these objects help us tell the story of the settlement of Western Canada.