Train, Boat and Wagon Ride Schedules

Steam Train, Wagon Rides and S.S. Moyie Schedules

Steam Train Schedule

The steam train has been retired for the year! Join us at Day Out With Thomas and Opening Day on May 18, 2024 to experience endless family fun as you ride the rails!

Conductor waves to little girl on the steam train at Calgary's Heritage Park
Family enjoys wagon ride at Calgary's Heritage Park

Prairie Wagon Rides (Horse-Drawn) Schedule

Join us at Once Upon A Christmas for a merry wagon ride around the Village! You can enjoy a relaxing Prairie Wagon Ride beginning on our opening day on May 18, 2024.

Tractor-Drawn Wagon Rides

Join us next year at our opening day on May 18, 2024 to hop on a tractor-drawn wagon ride.

If you’re really itching to take one last tractor wagon ride, join us at the Ghouls’ Night Out Adult Night for a spookier version of the wagon ride around the abandoned Settlement, complete with ghost stories told by your own personal guide.

S.S. Moyie Schedule

The S.S. Moyie has laid anchor for the year. Join us next May to experience a fun cruise on the Glenmore Reservoir!

Family leaves the S.S. Moyie at Heritage Park