Heritage Park Society

Heritage Park Historical Village is a charitable institution governed by The Heritage Park Society. The Society was incorporated on December 10, 1963, and its members are representative of the community at large. The Heritage Park Board of Trustees is elected by the Heritage Park Society and serves primarily in an advisory capacity responsible for policy, planning and fiduciary matters. Various volunteer committees also augment the work of the Board as necessary. The Heritage Park Foundation Board, incorporated on March 17, 1976, is responsible for the stewardship of the Park’s endowment funds and is elected by up to 200 members of the Heritage Park Foundation.

The Heritage Park Plaza in the springtime

Boards of Trustees

Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Joe Anderson – Chair
  • Michael Martin – Vice Chair
  • Malinda Kellett – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Joy Romero – Trustee
  • Lori Scotvold – Trustee

The Society Board of Trustees

  • Lorne O’Reilly, KC – Chair
  • Brittney LaBranche – Vice Chair
  • Scott Weiler – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Joe Anderson – Trustee
  • Karen Brookman – Trustee
  • Hala Dehais – Trustee
  • Malinda Kellett – Trustee
  • Michael Lindsay – Trustee
  • John MacAulay – Trustee
  • Michael Martin – Trustee
  • Joy Romero – Trustee
  • Lori Scotvold – Trustee
  • Roger Straathof – Trustee