Exhibit Adoption Program

Heritage Park houses some of the finest examples of heritage buildings, architecture and exhibits in Western Canada. You can be directly involved in their preservation.

Adopt an Exhibit at Heritage Park

Preserving the Past

An annual symbolic adoption of your favorite heritage building or vintage vehicle will help maintain it for years to come.

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An antique red car has been restored at Heritage Park because of the Exhibit Adoption Program
A new building at Heritage Park

How Are Donations Managed?

Funds contributed to the annual adoption program become part of the Heritage Park Foundation’s Endowment Fund. The interest earned from the fund is used to assist in the maintenance of the exhibits, vehicles and artifacts so that they will be around for many generations in the future. As this is an annual adoption program, renewal information will be sent to all existing adoptees before the expiration date of your symbolic adoption.

Adopt-an-Exhibit Perks

Besides knowing that you are making a difference by contributing to the protection and maintenance of the Park’s priceless artifacts, as a symbolic adoptee you will also receive these benefits:

  • Tax receipt
  • Recognition signage at the exhibit
  • An invitation to the Sam Livingston Dinner, a donor recognition event

The adoption commitments range from $1,500 – $10,000 annually.  Please refer to the list below of available exhibits and vehicles.

A list of exhibits and vehicles that can be restored through the Exhibit Adoption Program at Heritage Park

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For more information on adopting an exhibit, please call 403.268.8500 or email info@heritagepark.ca.

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