C.P.R. Jordan Spreader #402829

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Heritage Rail Yard

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About the C.P.R. Jordan Spreader #402829

Railway companies used a variety of equipment and methods to keep the tracks clear of ice and snow. The spreader proved to be an invaluable aid both in snow removal and earthwork. Its wide wing-spread enabled it to clear away hard-packed ridges of snow that had been left by other ploughs or flangers. With a variety of attachments including ploughs, wings and blades, the spreader could be adapted for snow clearing, ballast leveling, ditching and swathing brush along the railway right of way.

Although the basic operation of Jordan spreaders has remained over the same over the years, they have been strengthened and improved to the point where almost no comparison exists between the early cab-less “standard” Jordan and the huge machines of present day.

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