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About the C.P.R. Locomotive #5931

Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive #5931, a Selkirk Class T1c, was built at the Montreal locomotive works in 1949. Named for the Selkirk Mountains, these massive locomotives were specially designed and built for rail service between Calgary and Revelstoke. Nicknamed the “King of the Rockies”, they were the largest, heaviest and very nearly the most powerful steam locomotives in the British Commonwealth. 36 Selkirks were built for the C.P.R. between 1929 and 1949 and were all retired by the late 1050s when they were phased out in favour of the new diesel-electric engines.

One of only two remaining Selkirks, #5931 was preserved by Calgary’s 5900 Club and displayed at Mewata Park from 1959 to 1981 disguised as #5934. When area redevelopment plans for Calgary’s western core dictated the removal of the locomotive it was relocated to Heritage Park. Resting now in dignified retirement, C.P.R. locomotive #5931 is a silent reminder of the glory days of steam-powered railways.

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