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The Historical Village is closed for the season, aside from special events. Heritage Plaza, home to unique shops, Gasoline Alley Museum, Railway Café and the Selkirk restaurant, is open year-round!

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About the C.P.R. Steam Crane & Tender

Railways depended on powerful steam cranes and highly skilled crews to remove the heavy wreckage of train accidents. Divisional points were required to have the equipment and a specifically trained crew on standby to attend a wreck or derailment. While a prompt response could save human lives, it was also a priority to clear the line to enable regular service to resume and allow the wreckage to be salvaged.

During the dieselization of the railways in the 1950s, selected tenders from scrapped steam locomotives were retained as spare water tanks for use with steam-powered cranes, shovels and pile drivers. C.P.R. Steam Crane #414328 was built in 1920. Its tender C.P.R. #415722 was built in 1907. The two were paired in 1953 and saw active service in southern Alberta until the mid-1970s. The crane and tender have both been faithfully restored by Heritage Park.

Steam Crane

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