C.P.R. Tool Car #40482

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Heritage Rail Yard

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About the C.P.R. Tool Car #40482

Train operations require that all railway rights of way – track, structures, signage, signals and immediate environment- be kept in safe functioning condition at all times. Section crews responsible for regular inspections, scheduled maintenance and repairs as required.

A railway track is subject to many forces which can affect its performance. These include normal aging, severe weather, service wear and accidental damage. Maintenance of way crews routinely replace rotten wooden ties, washed-out ballast, and worn rails. They resent shifted rails, cut back vegetation, clear snow and make other necessary repairs along the line.

Tool cars were ideal for carrying tools and equipment to the worksite. Rebuilt as a tool car by Heritage Park, this handy car features an open flatcar section for hauling large equipment and an enclosed shed for the secure storage of hand tools.

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