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About the Coal Mine

For two centuries, the progress and prosperity of western civilization was borne on the strong backs of coal miners who toiled deep in the earth. Early 20th century Alberta coal miners represented a vast array of ethnicities drawn from allover the world. Among them were many recent immigrants attracted by the promise of freedom and a better life.

Coal mining was hard, dirty, dangerous work – but for many, it was the best paying job (or only job) available. Despite the hardships and dangers, many coal miners took great pride and pleasure in their work.

The Coal Mine at Heritage Park

The semicircular coal mining tunnel was built in 1964 and measures 110′ long by 6’7″ tall by 5’9″ wide. From 2019 to 2021 it was transformed to include a simulated railway track and working room.

Step inside and you’ll soon feel like you’re in an authentic working coal mine complete with rough timber supports, simulated coal face, loaded coal cart, even dynamite boxes.

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