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About the Gasoline Alley Showroom & Mezzanine

The development of the automotive sales and service industry was an unprecedented commercial phenomenon during the second quarter of the twentieth century.

General Supplies Limited Building

In 1910, a group of electrical engineers formed General Supplies Limited in Calgary. The company supplied electrical and mechanical equipment for early power projects in Alberta such a the Kananaskis Dam and Calgary Municipal Railway. When construction on public works projects ceased during the First World War, GSL acquired the local Chevrolet agency and the firm’s focus shifted to automotive

GSL purchased the Speedway building in 1920. Built in the Edwardian commercial style, the long brick building was organized into a series of bays on the ground floor with offices and storage rooms occupying the upper storey. This successful business soon occupied several premises. The company expanded to include new and used car and truck sales, parts and service, final assembly for new vehicles and mechanical reconditioning for used ones.

Today, this recreated building houses the Gasoline Alley Showroom and Mezzanine.

Gasoline Alley Mezzanine at Heritage Park

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