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Antique Car

About the Horse-Drawn Streetcar

Before electric railways, some cities used horse-drawn streetcars for public transportation.

Horse-drawn streetcars were among the earliest solutions to the challenge of mass transit in the rapidly growing cities of the late nineteenth century. In the summertime, routes were confined to steel rails set into the roadbed. When snow covered the tracks in wintertime, wheels were removed and the cars were mounted on runners. In cold weather teamsters had to muffle up well to keep from freezing and straw was spread on the floors of the cars to keep passengers’ feet warm.

Introduced in 1882, the Winnipeg Street Railway Company operated horse-drawn streetcars for 12 years. The horse-drawn service was eclipsed by a new electric streetcar system powered through an overhead cable during its final years. The Winnipeg Street Railway Company was brought out by the Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company in 1894.

This replica of a Winnipeg horse-drawn streetcar was built by Heritage Park in 1972. It offered a unique transportation experience for twenty summers running anti-clockwise around the main village. The horse-drawn streetcar was retired owing to increased traffic in the Park and maintenance issues.

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