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About the Masonic Lodge Hall

The second floor of the Traders Bank of Canada building was chosen in 1970 to be the site of Heritage Park’s Masonic Lodge Hall because, before 1915, the Masons typically rented out similar rooms to house their Lodge meetings. The Masonic Order provided a sense of belonging and an escape from the stresses of life for many Alberta settlers.

The urban Masonic Lodges met every two weeks, and the rural Lodges once a month, for friendly conversation, esoteric rituals and frequently, food and drink. The Masters, Wardens and Deacons Association of Calgary donated the Masonic artifacts, which came from Lodges throughout Alberta, and advised Heritage Park as to the proper appearance of the Lodge. Because of the intrinsic value ascribed to the artifacts by the Masons – who have a long, secretive history, based on their mason’s guild origins dating back nearly a millennium.

Masonic Lodge Hall at Heritage Park

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