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Exhibit Details


The Settlement

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Guest Amenities

  • Wheelchair Accessible

About the Our Lady of Peace Mission

This exhibit is situated on the western edge of the Pre-Railway settlement in close proximity to the Hudson’s Bay Company Fur Fort and the First Nations’ tipis. Modelled after eyewitness accounts of Our Lady of Peace Mission (Calgary area, 1870’s), this building will be a modest single-storey structure built of hand-hewn logs. The humble interior will have a rough plank floor, stone fireplace, rustic wooden altar and benches.

Missionaries played a key role in the settlement of western Canada as teachers, preachers, healers, translators and peacemakers. They were instrumental in aiding negotiations between the Indigenous peoples and the Queen’s representatives and settlers. Not only will the exhibit enable the Park to tell the missionaries’ stories, but interpretive links between this and nearby exhibits will significantly enhance guest experience through new public programming opportunities. The building may also be available for appropriate church services upon request.

Our Lady Peace Mission located at Heritage Park

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