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About the River Forth Dining Car

The River Forth began its service in 1929 as a Solarium Parlour Observation car and was converted ten years later to a compartment lounge sleeping car. The car was modified two more times by the CPR; in 1964 it became a business car and in 1974 it was converted to a work car. The fifth and final conversion of the River Forth into a luxury dining car was completed in June of 2015 by Heritage Park.

Pulled by an antique steam engine around Heritage Park, guests can also book a lunch on select days during the Summer season and truly experience what it would have been like to travel across Canada by train in the 1900’s. Journey back in time and savour a taste of the golden age of luxury rail travel aboard the River Forth.

The River Forth Dining Car is only available during separate ticketed events, and as a private event venue. It does not run during regular operating hours.

A set table with wine glasses on it in the River Forth Dining Car at Heritage Park

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