Windsor Hotel Two-Storey Outhouse

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About the Windsor Hotel Two-Storey Outhouse

Ontario Native Tom Madden and partner Gordon Steeves built the Windsor Hotel in Lundbreck, Alberta, in 1905. While indoor plumbing wouldn’t become commonplace for 25 years, Madden and Lundbreck devised a two-storey outhouse behind the hotel for the convenience of its patrons; a curiosity that became somewhat of a tourist attraction.

The second storey was connected to the hotel’s second floor by a catwalk. The first floor of the outhouse included four stalls, while the second storey had two. To eliminate any accidents, the second storey’s seats were offset behind those of the first storey, with a wall separating the second-storey shaft from the first storey’s seats. Walter Sapeta, who later owned the Windsor Hotel, donated the outhouse to Heritage Park in 1964.

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