Festival of Quilts 2024 Group Display Entry Form

Submit a Group Display Entry for Festival of Quilts 2024

Festival of Quilts 2024 Group Display Entry Form

Group Displays are a great way to show off a group of quilts created by 3 or more quilters in response to a common theme or challenge. All group exhibitors are welcome – including charities, guilds and groups of friends.

Important Information

  • Heritage Park will accept a maximum of 10 groups, based on the first 10 submissions received.
  • The display location of the quilts is at the discretion of the Festival of Quilts committee.
  • Entries must be free of rigid frames, dowelling or fragile embellishments.
  • The group coordinator will receive one admission ticket to Heritage Park per quilt entered in the group. Each entrant in the group is entitled to receive one entry ticket to the Park.
  • The group of quilts (3 minimum, 10 maximum) must be based on a common theme or challenge.
  • A single individual, the group coordinator, must be responsible for the Group Display.
  • All quilts in the group must be collected and delivered to Heritage Park together as one group on check-in day, and returned as one group. Individual quilters participating in the group display will not be permitted to drop off or pick up individual quilts for the group display, even if they have other quilts entered.
  • Quilts are displayed outdoors.
  • A Group Display Entry Form must be completed. The display story will be used in our catalogue and on display signage for the group quilts, and may be edited if necessary.
  • A list of individual entries must be collected and submitted as part of the Group Display Entry Form.
  • Questions? Contact the Special Events team at 403.268.8564

Duties of Group Coordinator

  • Be responsible for the group display entry.
  • Provide required information about the group display, including information about individual entries, with the completion of this form.
  • Submit the entire package to Heritage Park by March 31, 2024.
  • Collect the quilts to be entered in the group display.
  • Deliver the quilts to Heritage Park on quilt take-in day. Quilt take-in day is Tuesday, May 21, 2024 from 10 am – 7 pm in the Railway Orientation Centre, located in the Railway Café building. All quilts in a Group display must be delivered together.
  • Pick up the group display quilts on quilt return day, and return them to the individuals who contributed them. Quilt return day is Monday, May 27, 2024, from 10 am – 7 pm in the Railway Orientation Centre, located in the Railway Café building.

Please note: Submission of this form and delivery of quilt entries to Heritage Park constitutes permission for entries to be photographed, and acknowledges that Heritage Park accepts no responsibility or liability for goods or materials brought onto Heritage Park grounds during any event or exhibitions.

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