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Challenge yourself to bake a pumpkin pie this holiday season using a recipe from 1915!

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December 13, 2023

1915 Five Roses Cook Book, Pumpkin Pie Recipe

“Select a moderate sized pumpkin. Do not peel, as most of the sweet as well as color lies in the rind. Wash and cut into small pieces, after scraping out the stringy part. Put in a porcelain kettle with a pint of boiling water, and it will soon be covered with its own juices. It is necessary to evaporate these slowly, which will take six or eight hours. When the juice has nearly boiled off the pumpkin, lay a cloth in a colander, pour the pumpkin into it, fold the ends of the cloth over and place a plate and weights on same. Let drain in this way till morning.  

To 4 cups of this strained pumpkin (measured after rubbing through a common flour sieve) add a teaspoon salt, 1 of mace, the same of nutmeg and a tablespoon of ginger or other desired flavoring. Add 4 eggs well beaten with 1 1/2 cups of sugar. Mow add slowly 4 cups of milk and a cup of rich cream. Taste the mixture, as some pumpkins require more sugar than others. This will make from 3 to 4 small pies. One moderate sized pumpkin will yield about 5 cups of strained pulp.” 

Lake of the Woods Milling Company Limited. Five Roses Cook Book. Gazette Printing Company: Montreal, 1915. 

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