Heritage Park Volunteer Recognized

At Youth Central’s Youth of Distinction Awards, Heritage Park volunteer Maja McLennan was recognized for her efforts on behalf of the Park.

Maja was a camper at Heritage Park for years and she eventually decided to give back to the place that gave her so many great memories. In summer 2021, Maja spent her time working with the heritage park Summer Camp. She made sure the kids were taken care of and that they had a great time. Her love of Heritage Park and working with kids motivated her to join as a Junior Leader.

Some of the requirements of being a Junior Leader is to be flexible, kind and compassionate. Maja is an exceptionally kind spirit, which translated into her work with the campers. She made sure that campers felt included and part of the community and was also willing to do anything to help the camp programs succeed. She consistently improved the experiences of her campers and the operations of the summer camps through her kindness and tenacity.

Most camp volunteers work with Heritage Park for 3 weeks, but Maja went above and beyond, working 5 weeks. She came in for her scheduled weeks, but also came in at the very last minute to help run other camps. She loves working with kids and wants to eventually become a teacher. Maja also came back to volunteer for the Christmas season and has seized the opportunity to make a difference in the lines of other youth at Heritage Park.

Thank-you and congratulations Maja! You are an inspiration!