Did you know that we’ve had a Plaza open to the public that doesn’t require admission since 2009? Our Engineered Air Plaza is a lovely green space located  before the admission gates that features shops full of products from local artisans, our famous Railway Café and lots of seating and space to lounge around and enjoy all of the beautiful weather that we’ve been blessed with lately.

The Plaza also happens to be an excellent place to have a picnic. With gorgeous views of the Glenmore Reservoir and the inviting atmosphere of the Park, it’s an essential part of planning the best picnic ever! To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to assist you in your picnic planning.

Bring a cooler bag

With all of this hot weather we’ve been having lately, bringing a cooler bag is a must! Make sure you freeze some icepacks the night before and fill it to the brim with all kinds of refreshing drinks like sparkling water, juice, or maybe even some lemonade. All those fun drinks are sure to keep you hydrated while you enjoy the heat.

In addition to all the ice-cold drinks you plan to bring, you can also use the cooler bag for your snacks! Ensure your produce and the rest of your food stays nice and chilled by slipping them into the bag before you head to the Park.

Make a charcuterie board

If you want to elevate your picnic, try bringing a charcuterie board instead of the usual picnic fanfare of sandwiches and salads. Check out your local grocery store for some delectable meats and cheeses, and assemble the charcuterie board of your dreams!

Have a potluck with friends

If you’re planning a picnic with friends, don’t get roped into doing all the hard work by yourself! Turn your picnic into a potluck and have everybody contribute. This way you’ll get to enjoy your day in the sun with your friends, while also getting to munch on all of the delicious dishes that your friends decided to bring.

Teamwork makes the dream work, so assemble your team and plan the most delicious picnic that Heritage Park has ever seen!

Bring plenty of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are the best things to snack on when dealing with the heat. Not only are they easy to prep, but they’re also healthy and delicious! Pick up a watermelon, some snap peas, baby carrots, and maybe some berries and you’ve got yourself a diverse spread of ready to eat healthy snacks.

Not to mention, our local farmers markets have some great produce selection this time of year so you can even support some local businesses when prepping for your picnic.

Bring a blanket

While we do have plenty of chairs and benches for seating in our Plaza, why not kick it old-school by bringing a nice blanket to sit on in the Plaza’s greenspace. By bringing a blanket along, you’ll be able to avoid getting grass all over your clothes while also creating a more comfortable space for you and your family.

Bringing a cute blanket will also create the perfect backdrop for you and your family or friends to take some nice summertime photos. Perfect for posting on the grid!

Not in the mood to plan out a basket? No problem!

If you’re in the mood for a more spontaneous picnic and don’t have time to plan out an entire picnic basket, don’t worry! The Railway Caf is right off of our greenspace and has all of your picnic essentials, from sandwiches to salads to coffee and even sodas!

Our list of picnic tips may be thorough but it is nowhere near comprehensive! The best part of picnics is that you can do whatever you want, the sky is the limit! So, grab your family and some friends and enjoy a relaxing picnic at the Park.