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March 28, 2024

New food at Heritage Park

Everyone loves variety and choice when they are choosing something to eat. For the 2024 Village season, you’ll see a ton of food variety across the Park. With different themes in mind, the culinary team has built out a menu we know our guests will be salivating over. Here are some highlights.

The Selkirk Restaurant

We’re going family style! With something for everyone and every taste, our chefs have created some twists on classics as well as leaned into new creations that our guests keep coming back to try again and again.

In 2023, Chef Punit introduced us to his Hot Honey Fried Chicken Burger. All it did was WIN Le Burger Week in Calgary – and so, we knew it just had to become a regular menu item. This is sure to have your taste buds dancing!

Chicken Sandwich
Beef Tacos

With a nod to our Indigenous friends, the Bannock Beef Taco is a blast of flavour, wrapped in a fried Bannock taco shell. With AAA beef striploin, creamy lime and jalapeno dressing, pickled red onion and a goat cheese crumble, this is a party in your mouth!

The Club Café

We are moving to sit-down dining in the Club Café with an Asian-inspired flare.

When people think of SPAM – they think of the canned meat. But did you know the original idea for “Shoulder of Pork and Ham” actually originated in Asia, and more specifically China. Introducing the Café SPAM and Egg Breakfast Sandwich! With a fresh cracked egg, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a croissant bun, this is a flavour bomb waiting to go off!

SPAM Sanwich
Noodle Bowl

A big bowl of noodles is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. And the Shanghai Club Stir Fried Noodle is the prescription. With pulled pork, cabbage, carrots, garlic and green onions, a second helping could be on tap!

The Wainwright Hotel

Picture this – it’s 1964 and the TV dinner is dominating the North American cultural scene – everyone had TV Trays that they set up in the living room just in time to catch the latest episode of Ed Sullivan. On the menu? Chicken a la King! Ours is tender cooked chicken, peas, pimentos, and egg noodles, served with an Alberta Bakery Biscuit. And you don’t have to warm it up in the microwave!

Chicken a la King

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