We have some new arrivals at the Ranch! Say hello to our new Suffolk x Arcott ewes, Cherry, Cola and McGillicuddy (also know as Mag or Mick). These adorable ewes are only four months old and will be with us for the rest of the summer!

Originally from southeast England, Suffolk sheep remain one of the most dominant breeds of sheep in Canada since their arrival in the late 1800s. After their arrival to Canada in 1888, the popularity of the breed began growing in the 1920s due to their fast maturation and desirable, dense wool. Their popularity hasn’t slowed down as they remain one of the most dominant breeds in Canada!

The other half of these cuties comes from the Canadian Arcott Sheep, which is the one of the only breeds that are native to Canada! One of only three breeds developed by Agriculture Canada, the Canadian Arcott was first introduced in 1966 and are known to be fast growing animals, boasting a soft and lustrous fleece.

Come and visit these adorable ewes at the ranch as they grow-up throughout the summer.