Say Hello to Lilly and Liesel

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April 3, 2024

Welcome back to the Ranch!

Did you know that the Toggenburg Goat is built to do well in the colder alpine temperatures? The Toggenburg breed originates in Switzerland and the goats were used to help maintain pastures and landscape in the alps.

This makes them perfect for our colder temperatures during the winter months in Canada! What a cool thing.

Another fun fact about the Toggenburg goats is that they have wattles! The wattles are on the goat’s neck and look like extra skin hanging down by their throat. They have this in common with chickens. The difference though is that the goat wattles do not have a purpose where for the chickens they do. It is fascinating how different species can have similarities.

Lilly and Liesel are so friendly they want all the attention in the world. They really do personify their breed’s characteristics with how curious and fearless they are.

When you go say “hi”, see if you can tell which goat has small little horns poking out.

Don’t worry, they are not getting any bigger and won’t hurt anyone 🙂

Lilly and Liesel can’t wait for all their new friends to come and they’re ready for all the love you can give them too! See you this summer!


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