Shell Canada’s Impact on Gasoline Alley Museum

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September 20, 2023

Shell's Support of Heritage Park

Since 2009, when Gasoline Alley Museum opened at Heritage Park, Shell Canada has sponsored an exhibit on the company’s space in the Canadian petroleum industry. The exhibit has changed and evolved in the last 14 years, but Shell’s commitment to the space has never wavered, making it one of the mainstays of programming in the museum. We thank them for their continued interest in being a part of our collective story.

The exhibit details the past, present, and future of powering vehicles in Canada. Since it built its first service station in Montreal in 1925, Shell has been at the forefront of mobility. As the world’s leading mobility retailer, Shell is uniquely positioned to provide the infrastructure and fuels motorists need today – as well as lower-carbon energy options, such as EV charging, for the future.

Heritage Park wishes to thank Shell for its support in helping us diversify the kinds of stories that are told in Gasoline Alley Museum and showing us what the future of fueling the transportation industry looks like.

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