1. NEVER  walk in front of or behind a stopped train, it can move suddenly at any time.
  2. NEVER  put objects on the train tracks, they can fly off and hurt someone, maybe you.
  3. NEVER  cross in front of a moving train until it has come to a complete stop.
  4. NEVER  walk or climb between parked or moving railway cars. You can get seriously hurt.
  5. NEVER  cross in front of a train or locomotive that is ringing it’s bell. This is a warning signal that the train is about to move.
  6. ALWAYS  use the designated level crossing to cross train tracks.
  7. ALWAYS  obey the signs and signals near railway crossings, flashing lights and bells mean the train is coming, so be safe and stay away.
  8. ALWAYS –  STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN before you cross a train track, just to make sure it is safe.
  9. ALWAYS be aware that anytime is train time.

  Please make every effort to contact a train crew member if you are unsure about actions around the train. If you can’t see us, we can’t see you. When in doubt, the safest course must be taken.

Did you know our steam train has a very special reason for switching directions? Check out this video to find out why!