A visit to Innovation Crossing opens up a world of opportunity to learn about Alberta’s energy sector, it’s past, present and future. And, no detail was spared to bring this amazing exhibit to life, right down to the unique artwork featured on the expansive glass windows that frame the building. This design is not only bright and colourful, it actually tells a story and is an artistic representation of Alberta’s energy production and usage from 2013!

The piece, entitled Transitions to the Future and designed by Travis Schlitter, is inspired by a Sankey diagram produced by the Canada Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR), which visualizes the production and usage of various forms of energy in Alberta.

Each line in the design represents a different type of energy produced or imported by Alberta. The wider the line, the greater the amount of energy. The lines branch into smaller lines, representing how each energy type is used, exported or lost.

Travis Schlitter’s interpretation of this diagram, depicts the recent past of Alberta’s energy usage on the left and a translation to a yet undetermined future mix of energy on the right.

Transitions to the Future invites us to reflect on the past, present, and future of energy. What role does energy play in Alberta? How will Alberta adapt in the energy transition to eliminating carbon emissions? What will the future mix of energy look like?