Day Out With Thomas

Let’s Get Colourful

Thanks for Joining us at Day Out With Thomas!

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Day Out with Thomas at Heritage Park

Day Out With Thomas Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Annual Members get free admission to Day Out With Thomas?

    If you are an Annual Membership holder, you must purchase tickets to Day Out With Thomas. Day Out With Thomas admission is not included with an Annual Membership. Additionally, Annual Members will not receive a discount on Day Out With Thomas admission.

  • Are Canoo tickets accepted for Day Out With Thomas?

    No, Canoo tickets are not accepted for Day Out With Thomas.

  • Does the Fee Assistance program apply towards Day Out With Thomas?

    No, Fee Assistance does not apply to Day Out With Thomas admission.

  • How long is the train ride?

    The train will do three laps around the Historical Village; in total, this will be an estimated total ride length of 20 minutes.

  • If it's raining, will the event go ahead?

    Yes, Day Out With Thomas will go ahead rain or shine.

  • The time on my tickets is for a specific time - can I come earlier and not just at the train ride time?

    Yes, we recommend that you arrive at the Historical Village at least one hour before your train ride time. That way, you can enjoy all of the event’s fun activities before your train ride time and ensure you won’t miss the train! We also recommend that you arrive at Midnapore Station at least 30 minutes before your train ride.

  • Do adults have to have train ride tickets or can I just buy tickets for the kids?

    Every attendant of Day Out With Thomas must purchase tickets. You will not be allowed entry to the event if you do not have a valid admission ticket.

  • Do I have to pay admission after I buy train ride tickets?

    No, you don’t. Your train ride tickets include admission to the Historical Village!

  • What are the activities at Day Out With Thomas

    You can check out all of the amazing activities at Day Out With Thomas by looking at the activity guide.

    View the Activity Guide

  • I want to change my ride time/date - how do I do this?

    Please contact TicketWeb Customer Service for all inquiries related to ticket exchanges/refunds.

    TicketWeb Customer Service Email:

  • Is all of the Historical Village open to visit during Day Out With Thomas?

    No, not all areas of the Historical Village are open during Day Out With Thomas. You can see which areas are open by looking at the event map.

    View the Event Map

  • What should I wear to Day Out With Thomas?

    Please dress for the weather, and make sure you’re wearing comfortable walking shoes, as there is a variety of terrain within the Historical Village and a lot of ground to cover!

  • Are there bathrooms on the train?

    There are bathrooms located at Midnapore Station, but not on the train itself.

  • Can I bring my pet to Day Out With Thomas?

    Pets are not permitted in the Historical Village. Service animals are allowed within the Historical Village.

  • Can I bring my bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc. to Day Out With Thomas?

    Skateboards, bikes and rollerblades are not permitted within the Historical Village.

  • Are tickets final sale?

    Yes, all tickets are final sale. Day Out With Thomas will run rain or shine.

  • How does buying a ticket support Heritage Park?

    As a registered charity, proceeds from Day Out With Thomas will allow Heritage Park to continue engaging audiences with immersive experiences and shared stories of Western Canada’s diverse culture and heritage.